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Fostering diversity, inclusion and belonging

Diversity, inclusion and belonging is who we are rather than simply what we do. We take a holistic approach by embedding the philosophy and practices of diversity, inclusion and belonging into all aspects of our business.

Hardware Requirements

RollOut Activities

Most recent computers are suitable for FairCloud PMS. The only strict requirement is to have high speed internet connection.
Please sign up with Zeamster/FortisPay.
USB Credit Card swipe reader(example IDTECH)
SignPad is optional, used to capture digital signs.

RollOut Plan - Click here

Software Requirement

Adobe PDF Reader version 8 or recent.
Google Chrome
Adobe Flash Player (Optional): Needed only for some modules.
If you have a local firewall, then it would require some tuning. Firewall can make FairCloud slower, and certain port exceptions are needed to be implemented in the firewall.

Pre-Deployment Activities

  • Hotel GM should provide inventory and rates information to the Account Manager.
  • GM should let support know if BBE should display the Best Available Rates or all rates in the booking screen
  • Hotel GM to sign the Shift4 contract. Once Shift4 is live please pay careful attention to Token Storage Duration and Token Usage. On main Shift4 page, click on the settings button. You would need to access Settings –> General Settings –> Token Storage Settings. In DOTN please set Do Not Decline transactions if the CVV/ZIP fail. If this flag is not correctly set, then FairCloud will show that a transaction is failed when in reality it was approved.
    Hotel GM to sign contracts with OTA’s. FairCloud team will assist with the contracts.
  • Hotel GM to make sure availability of stable high speed internet.
  • Hotel GM to help in scheduling training. All employees must be certified before they are allowed to use FairCloud PMS and Channel Manager. GM to grant reports visibility and IP filtering as needed
  • Make sure that there is no UNMAPPED promotion in Expedia Partner Central. GM must sign-off on this.
  • Make sure that Expedia has no base inventory. GM should initiate this with their Expedia Market Manager and keep FairCloud Account Manager in loop.
  • GM to confirm with the that there is no read only promotion/plan. All promotions/plans must be derived from the Rack Rate and linked to FairCloud.
  • GM to provide list of recipients for night audit
  • GM must read all blogs published on
  • Audit email recipients should be updated as the management changes.
  • Please confirm debit card is working. Some times gateway has to do extra configuration to get the debit cards to work.
  • Please create Migration Debit and Migration Credit line items. These can be used for transferring balance from the old system

Line ItemDescription
If this line item is missing then the taxes in new reservations wont be correctly calculated.
Room Charge Taxable.
Room Charge Non Taxable
Pet FeesThis is optional, and needed only if the hotel is pet friendly

Example of a detailed tax setup


Activities for day 1

  • GM verify Room Types and Room Counts
  • GM to provide compression dates and all necessary restrictions for the next 2 years.
  • GM verify taxes in FairCloud PMS, BBE, and all OTAS. GM to make reservations in FairCloud and BBE and make sure all taxes are correct.
  • Verify Emergency Room Type Setting and make sure it’s set to the desired value. GM must understand what this parameter is used for
  • Setup Rate Plans. Please note that FairCloud supports Rack Based and Fixed Price Plans.
  • Setup Rates & restrictions using the channel manager
  • Request Pet friendly indicator if needed on BBE.
  • Check cancellation policy on OTAs, BBE, Reg Card, Invoice, Email Confirmation.
  • With the recent changes, there is no need to upload a new logo in the middle tier –> customizations tab. If customization.logo is missing, then the bookingengine will read the logo as per the hotel category.
  • Housekeeping employees must be added for room assignment. This step is needed only on day 1, if the house keeping owners are missing then the rooms wont show in the list.
  • Out of Order rooms must be marked in FairCloud platform
  • Direct bill accounts must be created in FairCloud platform
  • Import all InHouse and Arrivals from transitioning system to FairCloud Platform
  • Setup introduction call with support
  • Please set the Expedia Hotel id in UDF (type HotelId). Without this OTA reservations wont get downloaded.
  • In case of the plan which are derived from other plan, please put those plan id in Opaque Plan Mapping.
  • For the house keeping reports to work, each room must be assigned a house keeping owner. Please make sure all rooms have a owner assigned.
  • If you are creating a new server, then please make sure to click on Create Permissions From File. This button is visible under Configs –> Role Settings –> Permission List. You will also need to select necessary permissions under each roles.



Post Deployment:Hand-holding

SupportSupport will call the property every day for 10 days post deployment to make sure audit has been done. If there is any questions then the support team must be informed during the hand holding phase.
Support to verify taxes in FairCloud PMS, BBE, and all OTAS. Support should make reservations in FairCloud and BBE and make sure all taxes are correct.
Support to call daily between 600 AM — 900 AM and help providing Dirty Rooms Report by Owner.
Support to call daily by 200 PM and make sure all clean rooms are marked in the house keeping activities.
Support to make sure rates on BBE are correct for the next 1 year
Support to make sure rates on OTA’s are correct for the next 1 year.
Support to make sure cancellation policy on all channels is correct.
Support to make ensure that BBE indicates correctly if the hotel is pet friendly or not.

Most critical reports

Audits –> Monthly Audits List. You should know how to access the Hotel Stats and Comprehensive Reports. You should also know Audits –> Reports. Monthly Posted Line Items Group By Items
Audits –> Monthly Shift List. You should know how to access money received per shift.
Audits –> Reports. For House Keeping you need to know Between Dates Arrival/Departure Report, Room Available|Room Sold Report and Between Dates Room Sold|Room Available Report Group By Room Type
Audits –> Reports. Production Reports. Between Dates Auto Pulled Reservation Report and Between Dates Auto Pulled Arrival Reservation Report. You should know the difference between these reports.
Audits –> Reports. Monthly Posted Line Items Group By Items

Room Type Changes

Remap OTAs if room type changes affect any mapped room types.
Resend all future inventory and restrictions to all channels.
This is a very important step and if missed, you can have an overbooking situation.

FairBridge/FairCloud team responsibilities

Digital assets collection is Andrew’s responsibility. Assets refresh should be done every 5 month.
Mr. Chandi, Olga are responsible for Product enhancements and maintenance releases.


Please forward escalations to your primary POC at FairCloud/FairBridge.