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The Apex Fund

FairCloud with its partners have created The Apex Fund to help companies in the Hospitality and Travel space.

The Vision

We are focused to help Hospitality and Travel companies with an interest in the following sectors -
AI & Machine Learning
Big Data

Via the Apex Fund, loans are available to hotel owners for technology upgrades.
Electronic Locks.
FC license fees and hosting and support fees.
Special loans available for FairBridge signage.

The Journey

We provide investment capital for 2-4 years to help our partners with technology upgrades and the growth they desire. The Apex fund understands that building significant companies takes significant time and significant resources. We merge investment capital with training and help plan technology upgrades. We are looking for companies with clear roadmap for the next 3 years, who can articulate the use of funds and balance it with ROI.

The Deal Terms.
Technology upgrade capital is available for 2-4 years.
Additional 200K/year available for server hosting

Apex Fund is here to help, there is no short cut to success!