Shift4 Upgrades

FairCloud has implemented new  Shift4 i4go docs. The old i4go API will be deprecated soon, FairCloud is ready and certified for the change.

FairCloud is official Shift4 partner

Please note that we are listed in the parnter list at []. We are listed under BridgeLink PMS by MediSavant, Inc. BridgeLink PMS was the old name for FairCloud PMS.

The new certified FairCloud version is FairCloud PMS 3.1

Reduced Card Data Environment [From]

We help you cover the last yard in the mile-long journey to total security with solutions that no other provider offers. Shift4’s P2PE, 4Res, and 4Word technologies reduce your PCI footprint from an array of servers down to a single swipe device.


P2PE – When card data is encrypted in an approved hardware device and the hotel does not have the keys to decrypt the information, the CDE is restricted to the devices. This is known as Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). Shift4’s P2PE solution is unique in several ways. First, because Shift4 holds the decryption keys rather than a processor, you are free to move from processor to processor as business needs dictate – with no risk of losing your transaction data. Second, Shift4’s patented 4Go technology protects PMS and POS vendors from having to deal with encrypted data by providing the same false card data regardless if the hotel has encrypted or non-encrypted readers. You can use encrypted swipe and key entry devices to restrict your CDE to the devices themselves. To learn more, click here.


4Res – 4Res is a CHD “firewall” that sits between your Central Reservation System (CRS) and your hotel’s PMS. Bookings coming from the CRS that contain CHD are sanitized by stripping out the card data and adding a TrueToken in its place. For CRS/PMS integrations that are two-way, 4Res replaces the TrueToken in an outgoing PMS-to-CRS message with the CHD. To learn more, click here.


4Word – If you have a fully tokenized hotel system but still need to allow some staff access to full card data, you can use 4Word. When a user requests access to card data in the PMS, Shift4 can provide it within the patent-pending 4Word browser screen outside of the PMS. This approach means your PMS can remain free of the vulnerabilities associated with viewing or storing sensitive CHD. 4Word also allows a hotel merchant who does not have DOLLARS ON THE NET (but has been granted access by one who does) to obtain access to a single credit card number