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  • Last Room Available
  • Walk-In Exclusive
  • Two Way XML Integration
  • Promotion Wars

Last Room Available: FairCloud Channel Manager supports providing last room available to various channels. You can provide 100% of your inventory to the channels of your choice and this inventory is real time. As rooms are booked on one channels, the depleted room inventory is sent to all other channels in real time. This should avoid most if not all over booking issues.

No Inventory Segmentation

FairCloud sends complete unsold inventory to all channels, so there is no inventory segmentation. In the past hotel management used to login to different OTA’s and give them inventory individually. This old approach caused inventory segmentation and and confusion. The last room available approach has taken care of the segmentation problem. The OTA’s love “Last Room Available” approach, because with this feature OTA’s get a lot more inventory then they had with the older style of managing inventory.

Less Overbooking issues

With the perpetual connect (live synch) you will have overbookings very rarely. The reason for this is that the mapped OTA’s will get your available inventory every time a reservation is made, and also due to the fact that your inventory is not segmented anymore.

Huge time saver

FairCloud Channel Manager will save hundreds of hour of your employee time. Rates and Inventory are all sent automatically so your staff would have to rarely login to the extranet.

FairCloud provides you the ability to keep rooms exclusively for walk-ins. These rooms are not shared with the channels. You can change the walk-in exclusive allocation at any time and FairCloud will send this information to all channels instantly.

Best Matches

  • Save inventory for walkins.
  • Configurable based on room types.
  • Future releases will allow configuration based on date.
  • Helps to avoid overbooking.

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FairCloud ChannelManager has 2 way integration with most channels. You can send inventory and rate updates to channels in minutes. OTA reservations are delivered directly to FairCloud PMS.

Quick Communication

The two way integration allows for quick communication with OTA’s. No need to call the Channel’s support line, or login to the Extranet. All the information you need is available in FairCloud, this can help you to take quick decisions.

No more faxes!

FairCloud supports 2 way communication with the OTA’s so the reservations made on OTA’s come directly to the FairCloud platform. There is no need to wait for faxes and then put reservatio information into PMS manually.

Light Weight

All communication with the OTA’s is done in the backend, so the front desk can continue doing their work without waiting for synch activities with the OTA’s. All communications with the OTA’s is logged and the managers can view this log for accuracy.

You are perhaps well aware of the Rate Parity issues between OTA’s. One of the big cause of parity issues is the fact that OTA’s will sometimes compare there PrePromotion rate with the other OTA’s post promotion rates. There is very little you can do about this. It’s best to reply to the Parity Emails in a timely manner with the screen shots from the OTA’s.

Best Practices

  1. Make sure same promotions are running on all OTA’s including brand.com.
  2. Don’t run too many promotions and don’t change promotions too often.
  3. Please respond to rate parity emails in a timely manner.
  4. Periodically check compression dates for rates and restrictions.
  5. Periodically monitor competition rates.

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