This is a reminder that you can manage Room Items inventory in FairCloud PMS. This will help you manage in room item inventory and also track rooms that have been remodeled etc. Please note this module should not be used to track maintenance activities.
To add Room Item Inventory, please navigate to Configuration –> New Line Items. In this section, please fill the Item Name and in the category please select In Room Items. Press Save once you are done with filling the appropriate fields.

Inline image 1

Logout and re-login to refresh the newly added item in the cache.
Now you can go to your Room List, and scroll down to the desired room details. On the Room Details page, scroll down till you see the Room Items category.
Inline image 2
In this section, please press the Add New Room Item button. Now you can select the Room Items that are part of this room. Please let us know if you have any questions using this module.

Visit : hotel inventory synch