If the system setting AUTO_PRESERVE_RATE=Y
When a reservation is edited, the OVERRIDE PRICE box is not checked by default. If this box remains unchecked then the rates will not be effected due to the user editing the reservation. To PRESERVE existing rates, please don’t check the price override box.

If the user wishes to change the rates in the reservation, then the price override box must be checked.

If the user edits a reservation and changes the room type, then the rates will change from what were in the system prior to the edit.

If the system setting AUTO_PRESERVE_RATE=N

If the auto preserve rate is set to N, when the user edits the reservation the PRICE OVERRIDE box will be selected. This will then cause the reservation rates to be changed with the current plan’s rate or by what the user has put in the Price Override box. To preserve the older rates, the user must uncheck the box and then save the reservation.



We recommend you to make sure that for your implementation the AUTO_PRESERVE_RATE=Y. FairCloud Support or your account manager can confirm this setting for you.