With the latest build, you can generate Hotel Stats based on Room Type Categories. You can divide your hotel into different categories based on room types. Then you can select categories for which you would like to see the hotel stats. This will help you if you want to see hotel performance for renovated rooms vs the older rooms or if you wish to compare performance of extended stay vs short stay.
Please perform the following steps in FairCloud PMS and Channel Manager:-
  1. Finalize various room type categories.
  2. Update Room Types and and fill the type field in Room Type.
  3. In the reports section, you can select the category for which you will like to generate the report and then click on Hotel Statistics For Category.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Hotel Stats.Line Items Section
We have added a second page to the to the hotel stats.  Second page of hotel stats includes line items section.
On the second page, in the line items section please understand the following 2 parameters.
LineItems.Room Revenue:
Sum of Taxable line items, where
  • Corresponding RoomType is NOT defined as other revenue,
  • Or Room type is NOT NULL. (In Line Items we fill the Room Type field only for Room Rate which is the default line item.)
  • The line item is NOT for a business outlet.
  • We include the default line item i.e. Room Rate and Line Items which exactly match Room Charge. If you have Room Charge Taxable or Room Charge Non Taxable then it wont be added here. 
LineItems: Starting from Second row all the way to the end of the Line Items section. In the example below this includes all rows from Room Rate to Room Charge.
Sum of Taxable and Non Taxable line items, where
  • The line item is NOT for a business outlet.
  • And we include a row for each room type which has Other Revenue set to True.