FairCloud Feature Details

Core Features

  • Reservation Module
  • House keeping
  • Web Booking Engine
  • FairCloud Feature List

Easy to use and Intuitive design

FairCloud PMS and Channel Manager provides very easy to use Reservation Module. Training new employees is perhaps the shortest in the industry for FairCloud reservation Module. The application is designed with the goal to reduce the check-in time. We keep adding new modules as the industry changes and the platforms become more collaborative. FairCloud is designed to support midscale properties from 70 to 250 rooms.

FairCloud has comprehensive features for group booking. FairCloud allows Single Click Check In, Single Click Check Out and Single Click cancellations for group.
To reduce human error changing the status of a In House Guest triggers a password.

Make your housekeepers more efficient

FairCloud HouseKeeping module will help you auto assign rooms to house keepers. Alerts about stay over, check out and bedding change are provided. Popups are provided if a guest is checked in to a dirty room.

House keepers can login to FairCloud PMS with restricted access. Housekeepers can update room status and assign owners. Several reports are provided to ease the day to day house keeping work.

Increase Direct Reservations with FairCloud Booking Engine

FairCloud provides a mobile friendly booking engine. FairCloud Web Booking Engine is designed to increase your online bookings and revenue. Booking Engine is 100% customizable and you manage your rates and inventory from your FairCloud PMS or your booking engine admin portal. FairCloud booking engine is customizable to support brand continuity. Following features are supported in the booking engine.

  • Supports all types of restrictions.
  • Guest and Manager notifications via email when the reservation is made or cancelled.
  • FairCloud supports last minute promotions
  • FairCloud supports promotion codes and book by dates
  • FairCloud Booking engine is integrated with Google Analytics.
  • FairCloud Booking engine supports displaying dynamic best available rates.

FairCloud Booking Engine will reflect the brand image of each property it supports and provides your guests a professional and positive impression of your hotel.

  • FairCloud PMS is 100% cloud based application and no software installation is needed at the hotel.
  • Hotel activity data is backed up on daily basis on multiple servers. FairCloud uses the most reliable data servers in the world and virtually guarantee 99.99% uptime.
  • Inbuilt channel management and yield management features and 2 way interface with all major OTAs.
  • Email integration: Front desk can send confirmation, cancellations emails to the guest. Reservation invoices and direct bill invoices can also be emailed from FairCloud. Audit emails along with future occupancy is emailed daily to the GM and owners.
  • A very rich Group Booking feature and direct bill feature.
  • Housekeeping module is very easy to use and includes auto room assignments to the house keepers.
  • Faircloud team will provide a 2 day on site training and over the phone technical access as and when needed.
  • Dedicated account manager for your PMS and 24/7 hour support.
  • Run email campaign and send thousands of promotional emails. Every time you run a email campaign FairCloud will  provide you with beautiful real-time reports allowing you to see how many users viewed the email, and how many unsubscribed and several other key parameters.
  • Single login to manage multiple properties, available for owner.
  • Deployed in 35 properties in the US. Revenues for hotels that have implemented FairCloud PMS range from $400K to $4M.
  • Deployed in over 200 properties internationally through partner/dealer companies.
  • Ease of Corporate Communication using FairCloud and Google Docs Integration : Work-based collaboration is simplified for hotels that embrace new technologies provided by FairCloud. The lag time that exists with emailing documents to other employees,partners is eliminated as communication is real-time and access to documents is available worldwide. Conversations are efficient as files share easily among allowed individuals and changes done by contributors are instantly and clearly available. The complete team can access the shared folder of files. Feedback and changes save instantly. Google Apps provides a revision history throughout the entire process.

FairCloud Channel Manager

  • Last Room Available
  • Walk-In Exclusive
  • Two Way XML Integration

Last Room Available: FairCloud Channel Manager supports providing last room available to various channels. You can provide 100% of your inventory to the channels of your choice and this inventory is real time. As rooms are booked on one channels, the depleted room inventory is sent to all other channels in real time. This should avoid most if not all over booking issues.

FairCloud provides you the ability to keep rooms exclusively for walk-ins. These rooms are not shared with the channels. You can change the walk-in exclusive allocation at any time and FairCloud will send this information to all channels instantly.

FairCloud ChannelManager has 2 way integration with most channels. You can send inventory and rate updates to channels in minutes. OTA reservations are delivered directly to FairCloud PMS.



FairCloud Revenue Manager

  • Occupancy Based Rates
  • Rate Mirroring
  • Rate Adjustment Reports

FairCloud supports Occupancy based pricing. You can define rate change triggers in the room type profile page. As the occupancy increases or decreases the rates on brand.com and OTA’s will be adjusted accordingly. The rate change rules are completely dynamic and you can go and edit or delete rate change rules at any time. </br>

FairCloud properties have seen upto 10% increase in revenue when they deployed the Revenue Manager Module.


As the hotel occupancy changes the new rates are sent to all mapped channels. The GM need not worry about rate parity as FairCloud will send rates to all mapped channels. The hotel GM can see the rate changes for any given day in the past. This is a very powerful tool and will cause several hundred rate change requests on a daily basis.

Rate change report is included in the night audit. This reports provides a summary of which rules triggered rate changes. This report is for the GM to read and adjust rate change rules if needed.

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