FairCloud provides two ways to handle No Show Reservations.


No Show Flag can be handled like below.

  1. Either you can check in the reservation, post charges, then check out the guest and then mark No SHOW. No Show button is visible below the Add Line Item Section
  2. If No Charges are required to be posted, then you can Cancel the reservation and then mark NO SHOW. You can add payments to a reservation even after it is cancelled/no show.

Either way when you print the invoice you will see No Show in red color on the top as shown in the image below. We would also like to point that when a OTA reservation is cancelled, it’s status is automatically changed in FairCloud to be cancelled.


Hotel Channel Manager



No Show Status is completely different then the NO SHOW flag. No Show Flag is under the Other Operations section and you don’t have to check in or cancel the reservation to put them under NO SHOW.