In the group booking details, please scroll down to the Group Booking Reservation List. In the list, please locate the reservation that you would like to create the primary and then click the Set Primary button. Once you have established a reservation to be primary the row color will be green as shown in the image below.




You can route transaction on a daily basis, or for long term groups you can also route transactions once a week. Routing options are available on the Group Booking Details page, below the Group Booking Reservation List.

Partially Route Charges: This will route all posted transactions to the primary. You can do this as and when needed.

Route Charges And Check Out: This will route all unposted transactions and check out the secondary reservations. You will need to credit the primary and check out the primary.




Please make sure that your admin has created Charge Route Debit in Line Items.



We would like to remind you that if a group booking block has passed the cut off date and reservations are not picked then we show a warning in the Audit Report that is included in the audit email.