The most important aspect of marketing your hotel is to get correct digital assets. Not only do you need to have the right type of digital assets, but you also need to keep your digital assets fresh by taking new images every few months. This is a guide line to get the correct digital assets, minor deviations from the suggestions are OK.

The final images that are uploaded to the website are usually 500-800 KB. However, please give your admins images that are at-least 2.5MB, so that the admin can cut it and get the best part of the image. Your  hotel’s digital assets must be refreshed every 4 months if not sooner, this will help you make sure that the hotel rooms are in good condition and you keep frequently updating the hotel rooms.


The following exterior image is taken too close to the property. Ideally we should capture the complete facade of the building.
Get Good Hotel Photos


For interior rooms, please try to get as many different angles as possible.

  1. Make sure the room is well lighted. Natural light is the best for getting interior images.
  2. Take photos from all angles. A diagonal shot is important because it will make the room bigger.
  3. Take photos of the room amenities.
  4. Camera should be placed at waist height so that we don’t capture too much of the bed in the image.
  5. Please remove all wrinkles from bed, cushions and curtains.