The following table includes a list of some of the important updates to FairCloud PMS, Channel Manager  the booking engine. The list also includes some documentation updates. Please consult your account manager to see if these upgrades have been applied to your FairCloud instance.
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Jira Id Build Notes Category Product GA Date
FAIBRIDGE-76 Housekeeping footer improvement. Added a footer to show housekeeping room selction summary. Functionality PMS FrontEnd Dec.14.17
PMSFRONT-14 Fixed Out Of Order feature in room Details Functionality PMS FrontEnd Dec.17.17
Fair-243 Added Rack Rate Report for channel on Channel Details. This report includes channel rate, base rate and restrictions Functionality PMS Dec.17.17
Fair-244 Direct Bill Report optimization. This requires new DB indexes. We have optimized the SQL queries and the new report runs much faster. Functionality PMS Dec.10.17
Fair-231 Provide an auto increment id at the time of check in. Add UDF SHOW_CHECKIN_REFERENCE_NUMBER Functionality PMS Nov.16.17


Build Notes Category Product GA Date
Ability to add promotions in the branded booking engine Functionality BBE March.14.17
Guest’s have the ability to cancel modify reservation on without logging in. Functionality BBE February.14.17
Added feature to support Last Minute Promotions. Functionality BBE February.14.17
Bug related to sending inventory to OTA’s when group booking is cancelled. Functionality PMS February.14.17
Ability to search for guest stays across hotels. Functionality Loyalty Program February.14.17
Ability to track points accumulated per stay for guests. Functionality Loyalty Program January.14.17
Ability to define Loyalty Rules across all hotels. Functionality Loyalty Program January.14.17
Cosmetic changes related to Min Length of Stay & bug fix related to MLOS Functionality BBE December.05.16
Plan description if available will be displayed in the Branded Booking Engine Functionality BBE October.06.16
Increased width for Check In Stay Information, and Transactions to be 100%. This is to make these sections more readable. Functionality PMS October.06.16
Changed the calculation for room night charges, we are now rounding up to the next decimal. Functionality PMS October.05.16
Changes to Direct Bill Aging report. Added a summary section at the bottom. Functionality PMS October.05.16
Under special cases Expedia MODIFY reservations were double taxed. This is now fixed. Functionality PMS September.30.16
Added the concept of base rates for yield management. Increased size of the cells containing rates in the Channel Manager –> View Rates & Inventory Functionality PMS September.28.16
Email Confirmation: Changes in the font for the tax verbiage Functionality PMS September.28.16 booking retrieval changes. Special Requests as added in Services tag will be read now. Functionality PMS September.25.16
Daily Tax calculation changes when negative Room Rate/Room Charge is applied. Functionality PMS September.25.16
Hotel Stats will include Daily Taxes in the Total Revenue. For some properties this might have missed. Functionality PMS September.27.16
Modifications to Group Details. Code Migration, and easier way to assign rooms to groups. Functionality PMS September.24.16
Alerts changed to black background. Payment alert added to remind users that payments can only be created for current business day Functionality PMS September.25.16
Indexing to optimize reservation details. New indexes and structure changes Functionality PMS September.18.16
Line Item Summary Report Between Dates. Minor modification to exclude NON ADR revenue from Room Revenue Functionality PMS September.15.16
Revenue Management: Rate Change Triggers Functionality PMS September.14.16
Direct Bill aging Report. Functionality PMS September.12.16
Low Inventory Report is included in the Audit Email. Functionality PMS September.10.16
Comprehensive House Keeping Report. Functionality PMS September.10.16
Parameters added for dynamic report exclusions Functionality PMS August.20.16
Ability to add recurring payments. We need to add a new UDF: ALLOW_TRANSACTION_MODIFICATION. And set line item category to RECURRING. Ability to auto post line items like pet fees Functionality PMS August.15.16
Hotel Collect Expedia reservations will not have the suppress rate flag Functionality PMS August.15.16
Between Dates Credit Card Payment Report (No Shift4) Functionality PMS August.12.2016
Do not rent feature modification. Functionality PMS August.10.16
Line Item Summary Report for taxes Documentation PMS July.23.15
Split Folio Updates Functionality PMS June.23.16
Notes List and filters to search for notes Functionality PMS June.23.16
Booking Engine Integration with Google Analytics Functionality Booking Engine August.05.16
Booking Engine Changes. Simplified Plan Selection, Terms & Condition, Pet Friendly Functionality PMS April.27.16
Instant Concierge, text messaging Functionality PMS September.15
Hotels Stats By Room Category Functionality PMS July.14.15
OTA Unmapped Documentation PMS June.23.15
Reservatons –> Daily Downloaded Reservations Documentation PMS December.20.15
OTA Cancellation Policy Documentation PMS June.18.15