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During recent conversions we were asked some questions about inventory management and house keeping. We are including some pointers below that will help!
PriceLine Inventory
PriceLine inventory and rates will be picked from Booking.com. This brings some relief to the ever changing channels and the complex promotions that usually needs to be managed. Now we have one less channel to worry about.
Correction 09.27.2016
Priceline is actually coming into FairCloud through 2 different channels. PriceLine prepaid reservations come through Inn link and PriceLine pay at the hotel through booking.com.

Stay Over Rooms

   This is a gentle reminder that for stay over rooms, every 3rd day there is a flag added to the reports called Change Linen. This flag is in the Extras column for most of the house keeping reports. This flag is shown in the screen shot below.
Inline image 2
FairCloud Team