FairCloud Booking Engine

FairCloud Booking Engine

Simple to use & powerful

  • Integrated with FairCloud PMS
  • Extranet Option
  • Promotions
  • Mobile Friendly

FairCloud PMS and Booking engine are built on the same platforms. This makes communication between the modules very easy and quick.

Perpetual Connect with PMS

FairCloud PMS & Booking engine have perpetual connect so you never have to worry about sending or synchronizing inventory between the modules.

Easily manage promotions

End users can easily add or delete promotions either from the PMS or the booking engine extranet.

Reservations are downloaded automatically

Reservations made on the booking engine are automatically synched with the PMS. Front desk can easily view and manage all Booking Engine Reservations in the FairCloud PMS.

FairCloud provides you the ability to keep rooms exclusively for walk-ins. These rooms are not shared with the channels. You can change the walk-in exclusive allocation at any time and FairCloud will send this information to all channels instantly.

Best Matches

  • Inegration with Google Analytics and Commerce.
  • Configurable based on room types.
  • Future releases will allow configuration based on date.
  • Helps to avoid overbooking.

Ready for a demo?

  • sales@faircloudpms.com
  • 800.695.0749. or 310.362.1764

FairCloud ChannelManager has 2 way integration with most channels. You can send inventory and rate updates to channels in minutes. OTA reservations are delivered directly to FairCloud PMS.

Supports multiple plans and promotions

The two way integration allows for quick communication with OTA’s. No need to call the Channel’s support line, or login to the Extranet. All the information you need is available in FairCloud, this can help you to take quick decisions.

Last Minute Promotions

FairCloud supports 2 way communication with the OTA’s so the reservations made on OTA’s come directly to the FairCloud platform. There is no need to wait for faxes and then put reservatio information into PMS manually.

Advance Purchase Promotions

FairCloud Booking Engine supports last minute promotions. While setting up the promotion you can set the Book By Date.

FairCloud Booking Engine is mobile friendly and is customizable to ensure brand continuity. We can change the colors and fonts of the Booking Engine to match your brand.com requirements.

Important points to consider

  1. Do you need to run promotions based on the viewing device? Do you intend to run different promotions on Desktop and mobile.
  2. Your booking engine rates and promotions must match with the OTA’s
  3. Provide a clear reason to the guests on the brand.com page to book at your hotel.
  4. Do you need Last minute promotions, pakages?

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