We generally recommend using Close To Arrival for Expedia channel. Using CTA can be dangerous if it’s not used correctly.

There can be conditions which can lead to over booking even though you were total closed out. For example , if you decide to do a CTA for August 12th and August 13th as shown in the calendar below.




In this scenario please remember that the guest can make a reservation for any day prior to 12th and do a check out on 13th or later. If this happens then you will have a over booking scenario. To avoid an overbooking, or reduce the chances of overbooking we suggest you to increase rates and to add a restriction for CTA.



We would like to remind you that rates for Rack based plans are automatically send to channels while updating from Channel Manager –> Update Rates & Inventory.

Rates for Rack based plans can be manually send while updating from Channel Manager –> View Rates & Inventory. You will have to send rates for each Rack Based Plan individually from View Rates & Inventory.