Choosing the right Property Management System for your hotel is a tough decision. Taking this decision requires patience to do the research to find your requirements and then you can qualify and decide which Property Management Software is best for you.

Factors to consider while choosing your Hotel’s Property Management System.

  1. Does your property need a cloud based PMS. Make sure you consider the advantages of a cloud based PMS.
  2. How much OTA contribution does the property need. What OTA’s are supported by the PMS.
  3. What other interfaces are needed at the property.
  4. Does your hotel need Group Booking functionality. What all sub-modules for Group Bookings are needed.
  5. Does your hotel need the Direct Bill functionality. What all sub-modules of Direct Bills are needed.
  6. Do you need a Branded Booking Engine and a web site, does the PMS provide a BBE.
  7. What is the record retention policy that you need and what record retention policy does the PMS support.
  8. Do you need email functionality and what all reports, invoices would you need to email from the PMS.
  9. Do you need Yield Management.
  10. Do you need Revenue Management in the PMS.
  11. What all featured are needed in the Channel Manager.
  12. Do you need an onsite training?

What to expect during the transition?

Transition to a new PMS is a tough time for the hotel staff, hotel management and the PMS vendor. Please keep the following in mind and these points will help you with the transition.

  1. All of the staff must be trained and certified before go-live.
  2. Management should stress on certification and make sure that the employees understand that certification is a job requirement.
  3. Usually it will take 4-6 weeks to get a complete understanding of the new system. User manuals and blogs must be read carefully by the staff.
  4. Night Audit is a very important function of the PMS, the GM and owner must spend a few hours to understand the audit in the new system.