Busy season is coming up, I want to send a reminder on How to Close Out. You can do this very easily using the Channel Manager. Close out will work for All Channels except InnLink. Please see the detailed steps below.
Also note For Expedia please change the restriction to Close TO ARRIVAL.
  • Navigate To Channel Manager –> View Rates And Inventory.
  • The color chart on the top will help you understand the status of each day.
Inline image 1
  • We will be Closing Out the two marked cells which are in green below. After we close out, these cells will turn RED.
  • Inline image 2
  • Now we will click on the cell in green and a popup with several options will come up.
  • Please see the popup below. In the popup, select the correct date, select the Close Out  flag, and in the Restriction Drop Down select Total Close Out. Also select all days. Finally Press the Update button. After the update you will note that the cell will turn from green to red.
  • Inline image 3
  • See below the cell has turned from Green to Red. Again the cell color will let you know it’s status on various channels.
  • Inline image 4
We would like you to note that View Rates and Inventory can be used to change rates via the popup, provided you have already set the rates for that time frame using the Update Rates module. View rates and inventory is only to change information.
If you have any questions then please let us know.