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Basics of the Loyalty Program standard

In this blog we will cover the following topics. How to create Loyalty Redemption Rules How to view Loyalty Redemption Rules How to override Loyalty Redemption Rules How to view Loyalty Redemption Rules in a calendar view How to book on How to view Loyalty Points accumulated for a reservation How to search for Loyalty Guest in FairCloudPMS How to create Loyalty Redemption Rules Once you login to the Extranet, click on Settings –> Create Loyalty Rules. How to view Loyalty Redemption Rules Login to the Extranet, click on Settings –> Loyalty Rules List. We allow creation of multiple Loyalty Redemption Rules. This gives us the flexibility to allow for different redemption rules during slow vs compression seasons. How ...

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Split Folio Functionality standard

In FairCloud you can create folios and have rules for folio splitting. To split folio please navigate to the reservation details page, and open the Check In/Stay Information section.   On the Split Folio Screen, select the desired transactions on the top left. You will see only the posted transactions in this section. In the bottom part of the screen, (in the Add Folio section) add the new Folio’s Name, select Split Folio check box and then click Process button.   Once you click the process button, you should see a new tab for the new folio. The tab is on the top left, next to the New Folio label. For each folio that you add you should see a ...

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Group Booking: How to route transactions standard

In the group booking details, please scroll down to the Group Booking Reservation List. In the list, please locate the reservation that you would like to create the primary and then click the Set Primary button. Once you have established a reservation to be primary the row color will be green as shown in the image below.     You can route transaction on a daily basis, or for long term groups you can also route transactions once a week. Routing options are available on the Group Booking Details page, below the Group Booking Reservation List. Partially Route Charges: This will route all posted transactions to the primary. You can do this as and when needed. Route Charges And Check ...

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FairCloud Version 2.0 Recommended Layout Settings standard

These settings are saves in browser history. If you clear your browser cache, you will have to redo the settings. Global –> Menu On The top. In the global section, scroll down and change page size drop down value to 1000. In the global section, at the bottom of the screen turn off Reservation Details Alert and Reservation List Alert. Reservation Form –> Top Menu Reservation Details –> Default. For smaller properties we recommend side menu, we also recommend bigger properties to try it.

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Check In Sequence Number: Avoid Front Desk Misuse standard

FairCloud provides the ability to generate a Check In Sequence number. This number is generated automatically in a sequential order for each check in. This will help properties, who have registration cards preprinted with a sequence number in them. At the time of night audit or in the morning, management must check that there is no missing Sequence number in the Registration cards, also the sequence id in the FairCloud system must match with the id in the checkins. update auto_renew_annual_voucher set VOUCHER_NUMBER= …. where id=8; The following UDF changes are needed for fairCloud to generate the Check In Sequence Number. SHOW_CHECKIN_REFERENCE_NUMBER OVER_RIDE_LOCATION  

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FairCloudPMS is Zeamster certified standard

We are happy to share with our users that FairCloudPMS is certified to use Zeamster Gateway. We will be providing more information here. You can find more information at Following changes are needed during implementation. This information will be provided by Zeamster. UDF Configuration 1 ZEAMSTER_DEVELOPER_ID 2 ZEAMSTER_LOCATION_ID 3 ZEAMSTER_USER_API_KEY : You can get the value from the URL that Zeamster provides. 4 ZEAMSTER_USER_ID 5 ZEAMSTER_ENDPOINT Add gateway rule for Zeamster and inactivate Shift4 rules if any. Rules can be added in Configuration –> New Gateway Integration Rule. Once the gatewy rule has been added, please add the terminal. Terminal can be added from the Gateway Details page. You should have the following components. White Zeamster Box Black TrendNet/Switch ...

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Choosing the Right Property Management System video

Choosing the right Property Management System for your hotel is a tough decision. Taking this decision requires patience to do the research to find your requirements and then you can qualify and decide which Property Management Software is best for you. Factors to consider while choosing your Hotel’s Property Management System. Does your property need a cloud based PMS. Make sure you consider the advantages of a cloud based PMS. How much OTA contribution does the property need. What OTA’s are supported by the PMS. What other interfaces are needed at the property. Does your hotel need Group Booking functionality. What all sub-modules for Group Bookings are needed. Does your hotel need the Direct Bill functionality. What all sub-modules of ...

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Getting Digital Assets Right. How to take Good Hotel Photos. standard

The most important aspect of marketing your hotel is to get correct digital assets. Not only do you need to have the right type of digital assets, but you also need to keep your digital assets fresh by taking new images every few months. This is a guide line to get the correct digital assets, minor deviations from the suggestions are OK. The final images that are uploaded to the website are usually 500-800 KB. However, please give your admins images that are at-least 2.5MB, so that the admin can cut it and get the best part of the image. Your  hotel’s digital assets must be refreshed every 4 months if not sooner, this will help you make sure that ...

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Price Override Mystery video

If the system setting AUTO_PRESERVE_RATE=Y When a reservation is edited, the OVERRIDE PRICE box is not checked by default. If this box remains unchecked then the rates will not be effected due to the user editing the reservation. To PRESERVE existing rates, please don’t check the price override box. If the user wishes to change the rates in the reservation, then the price override box must be checked. If the user edits a reservation and changes the room type, then the rates will change from what were in the system prior to the edit. If the system setting AUTO_PRESERVE_RATE=N If the auto preserve rate is set to N, when the user edits the reservation the PRICE OVERRIDE box will be ...

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