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FairCloud Shift4 upgrade standard

Shift4 Upgrades FairCloud has implemented new  Shift4 i4go docs. The old i4go API will be deprecated soon, FairCloud is ready and certified for the change. FairCloud is official Shift4 partner Please note that we are listed in the parnter list at . We are listed under BridgeLink PMS by MediSavant, Inc. BridgeLink PMS was the old name for FairCloud PMS. The new certified FairCloud version is FairCloud PMS 3.1 Reduced Card Data Environment We help you cover the last yard in the mile-long journey to total security with solutions that no other provider offers. Shift4's P2PE, 4Res, and 4Word technologies reduce your PCI footprint from an array of servers down to a single swipe device.   P2PE – When card data is encrypted in an approved hardware ...

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We are glad to announce that FairCloud is now certified with FairCloud supports all required API features as listed below. Room Level Inventory Multiple rates (not only differentiated rate-types, but also different number of rooms to sell per rate-type) Single use occupancy Minimum stay arrival Minimum stay through Maximum stay arrival Maximum stay through Closed on arrival Closed on departure reservation ID included Boer details included (phone, email, address, full name) Guest name per room included Ready to handle special characters with the Boer details (Cyrillic, Arab, Hebrew, Greek, Thai, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, European special character, among others) Number of guests per room included Total cost per room included (multiple-rooms boing) Sming preferences per room included Ready ...

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