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FC: Expedia Reservations & Tax Rate Changes standard

On June 1st 2015 for hotels/motels in  Atlanta there was an addition of State Hotel/Motel Fee of $5 per night. Following is how Expedia reservations are effected by this change. Expedia Collect: For Expedia Collect, expedia reservations made before June 1st there will be no State Hotel/Motel Fee. Guest Collect: For Guest Collect, expedia reservations made before June 1st the hotels needs to collect State Hotel/Motel Fee from the guest.   For further clarification you can send email to HotelTax@expedia.com

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FairCloud RollOut Activities video

Hardware Requirements Most recent computers are suitable for FairCloud PMS. The only strict requirement is to have high speed internet connection. USB Credit Card swipe reader(example IDTECH) SignPad is optional, used to capture digital signs.   Software Requirement Adobe PDF Reader version 8 or recent. Google Chrome Adobe Flash Player (Optional): Needed only for some modules. If you have a local firewall, then it would require some tuning. Firewall can make FairCloud slower, and certain port exceptions are needed to be implemented in the firewall. Pre-Deployment Activities Hotel GM should provide inventory and rates information to the Account Manager. GM should let support know if BBE should display the Best Available Rates or all rates in the booking screen Hotel ...

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NEW FEATURE: Collabrotate using GoogleDocs – SpreadSheet standard

    We are excited to offer a new tool which can help in managing your hotels easier and more effectively. Now you can export information from FairCloudPMS.com directly to Google Docs and start collaborating with your team, partners in real time.   FairCloud Google Drive integration makes sharing your data simple. Please work with your implementation manager for quick implementation. You can also assign different permissions to different users. Ease of Corporate Communication : Work-based collaboration is simplified for hotels that embrace new technologies provided by FairCloud. The lag time that exists with emailing documents to other employees,partners is eliminated as communication is real-time and access to documents is available worldwide. Conversations are efficient as files share easily among allowed individuals and changes done ...

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Booking.com Read Only Plans gallery

Watch out the read only plans! When making plans and promotions with Booking.com, please make sure that they are mapped with FairCloud and are not Read Only Plans. If you have created ReadOnly plans that are not mapped to FairCloud PMS, then we wont be able to close out those plans from FairCloud Channel Manager. Read Only plans must be updated and managed directly from Booking.com extranet.

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FairCloud adds new plan: OTA Unmapped standard

Several times we get OTA reservations that are not mapped into the the FairCloud PMS/Channel Manager. This will cause the reservations to fall to secondary delivery mechanisms like email/fax. This happens when the GM makes new plans/promotions and FairCloud team is not informed about it. Or it can happen when OTA’s create new plans/promotions without informing the hotel/FairCloud staff. To avoid this problem in future, when ever a reservation is downloaded which has no plan associated, we will assign it to a plan called OTA Unmapped. FairCloud support will create this plan on your behalf. Property GM should check reservations that have the plan “OTA Unmapped’ and get those plans mapped. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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FairCloud Shift4 upgrade standard

Shift4 Upgrades FairCloud has implemented new  Shift4 i4go docs. The old i4go API will be deprecated soon, FairCloud is ready and certified for the change. FairCloud is official Shift4 partner Please note that we are listed in the parnter list at Shift4.com . We are listed under BridgeLink PMS by MediSavant, Inc. BridgeLink PMS was the old name for FairCloud PMS. The new certified FairCloud version is FairCloud PMS 3.1 Reduced Card Data Environment We help you cover the last yard in the mile-long journey to total security with solutions that no other provider offers. Shift4's P2PE, 4Res, and 4Word technologies reduce your PCI footprint from an array of servers down to a single swipe device.   P2PE – When card data is encrypted in an approved hardware ...

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FairCloud DB Backups link

Earlier this year we have moved most customers to Master/Slave database replication.  Master/slave is a model of communication where one device or process has unidirectional control over one or more other devices.  A master is elected from a group of eligible devices, with the other devices acting in the role of slaves. In other words “The master/slave configuration is basically used for load sharing purposes when 2 identical motors connected to two different drives are coupled to a common load”. One drive is defined as the master and is configured for running in the speed-control mode whereas the other defined as slave is configured for running in torque-control mode.

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