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FairCloud PMS, Channel Manager & Booking Engine Upgrades Log video

The following table includes a list of some of the important updates to FairCloud PMS, Channel Manager  the booking engine. The list also includes some documentation updates. Please consult your account manager to see if these upgrades have been applied to your FairCloud instance. Sales : 1.800-695-0749 Support: 310.362.1764 Jira Id Build Notes Category Product GA Date Fair-244 Direct Bill Report optimization. This requires new DB indexes. We have optimized the SQL queries and the new report runs much faster. Functionality PMS Dec.10.17 Fair-231 Provide an auto increment id at the time of check in. Add UDF SHOW_CHECKIN_REFERENCE_NUMBER Functionality PMS Nov.16.17   Build Notes Category Product GA Date Ability to add promotions in the branded booking engine Functionality BBE March.14.17 ...

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How to handle NO SHOW flag and NO SHOW STATUS standard

FairCloud provides two ways to handle No Show Reservations.   Either you can check in the reservation, post charges, then check out the guest and then mark No SHOW. No Show button is visible below the Add Line Item Section If No Charges are required to be posted, then you can Cancel the reservation and then mark NO SHOW. You can add payments to a reservation even after it is cancelled/no show. Either way when you print the invoice you will see No Show in red color on the top as shown in the image below. We would also like to point that when a OTA reservation is cancelled, it’s status is automatically changed in FairCloud to be cancelled.   ...

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Dangers of using Close To Arrival standard

We generally recommend using Close To Arrival for Expedia channel. Using CTA can be dangerous if it’s not used correctly. There can be conditions which can lead to over booking even though you were total closed out. For example , if you decide to do a CTA for August 12th and August 13th as shown in the calendar below.     In this scenario please remember that the guest can make a reservation for any day prior to 12th and do a check out on 13th or later. If this happens then you will have a over booking scenario. To avoid an overbooking, or reduce the chances of overbooking we suggest you to increase rates and to add a restriction for CTA.   ...

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Debugging Magnetic Swipe Reader (Shift4) standard

  If you are using Shift4 and are get white screens consistently while authorizations/settlement then article can help you. You will get a white screen if your swipe data is in 2 lines. You should double check your MSR (Magentic Swipe Reader) settings. We generally recommend http://www.idtechproducts.com/ and you would need the utility from their website. http://idtechproducts.com/support/downloads/swipe-readers/minimag-ii-magstripe-reader-idmb-series/usb-keyboard-idmb-3341xx-series/software-26 Please do a swipe on a notepad, and if the swipe data is coming in 2 lines then you need to change your setting so that the data comes in one line. Following are the steps to do this change. Mag Swipe Configuration  Setting –> Change Reader Setting –> Beep is Off, Coding is in both directions. Track Setting Tab: (Select Track 1 And ...

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Expedia Collect VS Hotel Collect standard

When you login to FairCloud PMS, you can see if a reservation is guest pay or expedia pay. This information is in the Special Request section. Please see below special request from 2 different reservations. The first reservation is hotel collect and the second reservation is Expedia collect. In Expedia collect reservation, expedia virtual card is available in the credit card section.   When you login to EPC, you can also see if the reservation is Expedia Collect or Hotel Collect. Please see the Who Collects column below.   Please note that for Hotel collect guests, you would need to edit reservation and deselect Suppress Rates and then regenerate the reg card or the invoice. Once you do this the ...

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FairCloud: Booking.com Channel Manager Mapping standard

To map FairCloud PMS & Hotel Channel Manager with your booking.com account, please login to your Booking.com extranet and follow the steps below. The complete mapping process will take about 40 minutes and during this process you will need FairCloud support to work with you. Click on Property Info Tab, and then click on Channel Manager link as shown in the image below. In the Step 1, please input FairCloud PMS and proceed.   Please Confirm the connection with the FairCloud Hotel Channel Manager as shown in the image below.   Once you see the step 5, FairCloud PMS & Channel Manager has been successfully mapped with your PMS.

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FairCloud Tips (PriceLine & Stay Over Rooms) standard

Hello All, During recent conversions we were asked some questions about inventory management and house keeping. We are including some pointers below that will help! PriceLine Inventory PriceLine inventory and rates will be picked from Booking.com. This brings some relief to the ever changing channels and the complex promotions that usually needs to be managed. Now we have one less channel to worry about. Correction 09.27.2016 Priceline is actually coming into FairCloud through 2 different channels. PriceLine prepaid reservations come through Inn link and PriceLine pay at the hotel through booking.com. Stay Over Rooms    This is a gentle reminder that for stay over rooms, every 3rd day there is a flag added to the reports called Change Linen. This flag is in ...

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FairCloudPMS: Minimum Length Of Stay standard

Hello All,    We would like to remind FairCloud users how to set Minimum Length of Stay Restriction using the FairCloud Channel Manager. Please follow the steps below to set the restriction. Please navigate to Channel Manager –> View Rates And Inventory. Click on the cell where you would like to set the restriction. Once you click on the cell, you will see the following popup. Please select the correct dates and select the applicable days. In the Minimum LOS field please input the days. Finally press the Update button. Carefully read the popup and make sure you see a success message. Once the Restriction is set on the OTA, you can go back to the Channel Manager (Channel Manager ...

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Booking Engine Changes standard

We have recently put several booking engine updates. Please see the changes below and provide feedback for further improvements. Simplified Selection of Plans. In the older version of the booking engine, each plan used to be displayed separately. Now multiple plans for a room type are shown within the room type category. End user can easily select the plan they wish within the desired room type. This workflow change has simplified the Room selection process.   Terms And Conditions/Cancellation Policy You can now set Terms and Condition for the reservations. Guest would need to Accept the terms and condition check box in order to complete the booking request. Please work with your account manager to Change the Terms And Conditions on ...

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