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MediSavant Inc. located in San Francisco, bay area, was founded in March 2003, with a mission to provide web based highly scalable applications. FairCloud combines innovation, technology and process knowledge, strong relationships and a business approach based on several best practices to give the customers and partners the power to succeed. 


FairCloud PMS and Channel Managers mission is to provide sophisticated yet easy to use reservation delivery and hotel management applications. Improvement is a an ongoing, perpetual process and at FairCloud we try hard to constantly deliver new modules and workflow improvements to our customers.


FairCloud PMS and community members have a common vision. We would like to educate the hotel staff about all intricacies of the PMS and Channel Manager. We would like to make the tools we provide easy to use and we would like to achieve this with on-going product education and product development.

What we do

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At FairCloud we love to partner up with the hotel owner’s so that we can serve them with their needs. Technology is changing as market share shift from walkins to OTA’s.


  • Local Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Corporate Business
  • Operating procedures and best practices


  • Comprehensive PMS
  • Web Booking Engine
  • Fully Integrated Channel Manager
  • Integrated with Credit Card Gateway
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Yield Management

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